One Green Deed A Day goes online

About OneGreenDeedADay

One Green Deed A Day has been created to inspire and motivate people to do at least one green deed a day to protect our beautiful planet. A “green deed” can be anything from taking the bus instead of the car to reusing a plastic bag or signing an online petition for environmental protection. We are convinced that there are hundreds of ways in our daily routines to help fight climate change and other environmental challenges. Some green deeds require a big effort, others might be much easier than we expect them to be and they can easily become a habit.
The first step is to decide to change something in YOUR life to contribute to the protection of animals and plants and, in the long run, humans.
We, who created One Green Deed A Day are no superstars when it comes to environmental protection in our everyday lives, either. But trying to do at least one green deed a day has helped us tremendously to look for habits that we can change in order to live a more sustainable lifestyle.
Let’s hope that many people will be inspired and join our group.

We need to act

Science has shown that drastic changes need to happen in order to save our planet. And we are not only talking about climate change, although many environmental issues are, of course, linked to each other. There is also deforestation, (plastic) waste disposal, water pollution, soil degradation, loss of biodiversity, air pollution – to name a few of the issues that are threatening the life on this planet.
Over the past years, it has become very clear that we cannot rely on politicians alone (or at all) to make the required changes. EVERYBODY needs to contribute.
That is why we created One Green Deed A Day. That way, we (including the initiators of One Green Deed A Day) can get some help to change our habits and make environmental protection an everyday task.

What das One Green Deed A Day do?

To change our behaviour for good, we need motivation and stamina. But we also need to be convinced that a more sustainable lifestyle is the right way to go. Therefore, we provide motivation within our group as well as facts on the environmental challenges and solutions. What also helps is to remind each other of how beautiful our planet really is.

Join One Green Deed A Day

If you want to be part of One Green Deed A Day, simply commit to do at least one green deed a day. Follow us on Facebook or Instagram or use our community website to share your ideas, success stories or questions. We are eager to hear what motivates you to change your everyday habits.