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How to join

To join One Green Deed A Day, all you have to do is to commit to doing one green deed a day to save our planet. There are (of course) no fees, no memberships and there is no official control.
Within One Green Deed A Day, we share ideas, motivate each other, provide science-based facts, and orchestrate activities together. Everything is based on the voluntary commitment of each member of this community.
But since our goal to save our planet is of greatest importance, we hope that your commitment is just as great.

Follow us and share your ideas

We provide a platform to exchange ideas and motivational thoughts as well as interesting and science-based facts on the environmental challenges that we face and why it is worth changing our habits.

If you want to join, simply

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  • Read our website and blog with a lot of interesting facts
  • Sign up for our newsletter for everybody and in particular for people who do not like social media
  • Share your ideas and success stories on our community page

If you want to contribute to combat climate change and to protect our beautiful planet, but you need inspiration, motivation and ideas to do (at least) one green deed a day to save our planet, join our community today.

We sincerely hope that One Green Deed A Day makes a change possible for everybody.

You need ideas for your green deeds?

Is one green deed a day enough?

One green deed a day is way better than no green deed a day. That is our ground rule.
If you are motivated to do several green deeds a day or completely change your lifestyle, please do that! We are, of course, totally supportive of that.

In our community, we want to motivate as many people as possible to join. The message we want to send out is: every little thing that you can do for our environment counts.

There are a lot of people who are reluctant to join climate activists, because they know that their lifestyle is not sustainable at all and that they are therefore not “eligible” to join activists. Our community is open to everybody as long as you commit to change SOMETHING in your lifestyle. Even if you start with little green deeds a day. That will help you to change your attitude and your awareness – which is an important first step in protecting the environment.
And if there are a lot of people doing at least one green deed a day – we can have a great positive impact on our beautiful nature.

But One Green Deed A Day also welcomes everybody, of course, who is already living a sustainable lifestyle and does many greed deeds a day. We would love to get inspired by you and inspire you even further