About One Green Deed A Day

Why One Green Deed A Day?

We all need to contribute to protect our planet.
There are many people around the world who want to protect our environment, but struggle with changing their everyday habits in order to do so. There are also many people who still need to be convinced of the urgency to start acting now if we succesfully want to fight climate change and other threats to our planet.
We believe it is easier to make a change in your life if there is a group of people with a common goal to motivate and inspire each other and if there is a platform that provides science-based facts to prove the urgency for this change. We therefore created One Green Deed A Day to encourage people in every part of the world to do (at least) one green deed a day to save our planet.

What do we do?

One Green Deed A Day provides encouragement and science-based knowledge to everybody who is interested in doing one green deed a day. In particular, One Green Deed A Day helps in the following ways:

  • Green deeds: We provide ideas for green deeds and are happy to publish your ideas.
  • Green facts: We provide interesting facts on nature and the environment as well as on the challenges that we have to face to save our planet. These facts are all science-based and should encourage people to continue doing green deeds everyday.
  • Green challenges: On a regular basis, we will ask all of us to participate in a challenge, for example not to eat meat for one day. If we all try a challenge together, it will be easier to accomplish.
  • Green inspiration: We present inspirational individuals to you who can motivate us to do more green deeds everyday.
  • We are happy to share your success stories.

To be successful, we rely on the commitment of everybody who joins One Green Deed A Day.

Our theory of change

A lot of people believe that one individual cannot make a change and that it will not help the environment if one individual changes their habits and starts living a more sustainable lifestyle.
We don´t agree with that. We do believe that one individual can make a change – especially if there is a large group of individuals with the same thoughts and goals.

This is our Theory of change:

  • Individuals can be motivated more easily to change their habits if influenced by positive group dynamics that we create at One Green Deed A Day.
  • The science-based facts that we provide at One Green Deed A Day will help people to be convinced of the necessity to live a more sustainable lifestyle. If context and consequences are well understood, it is much easier to change behaviour permanently.
  • If you try to do one green deed a day, you will automatically become more aware of living a more sustainable lifestyle and soon, you will be able to do even more than one green deed a day without such a great effort.
  • Each individual who is doing green deeds sets an example for others and encourages more people to do at least one green deed a day (research has shown that certain habits of a sustainable lifestyle are “infectious” and will motivate family and friends to do the same).
  • With each person joining us to do one green deed a day, the positive impact on our planet grows.

If our group continues to grow, we can also achieve the following outcomes:

  • Consumers have a lot of power to force companies to think of new solutions (eg packaging) that are more environmentally friendly. If people stop buying products that are not environmentally friendly, companies will react.
  • It is much easier for politicians to define new laws for environmental protection if they can see that a large group of the population is already implementing this behaviour (for example not using plastic bags anymore).

Our Goals

  • Reduce our CO2 footprint
  • Reduce (plastic) waste
  • Help animals and plants grow
  • Keep our rivers, lakes and oceans clean
  • Demand action from politics and industry in favour of environmental protection
  • Educate others on environmental issues and encourage them to join the One Green Deed A Day community