Green deeds to save the rainforest– Ideas from OroVerde

Green Deeds, Rainforest protection

The tropical rainforest foundation OroVerde told us 10 easy green deeds to protect the rainforests. These green deeds can all be implemented into our everyday lives without great sacrifices.

Give it a read and start protecting the rainforests today!

Switch to recycling paper

Tissues, toilet paper and notebooks – they can all be found as recycled paper in ordinary supermarkets or stores. There is really no excuse not to use recycled products. For 1.000 sheets of recycled paper that is used instead of fresh fibre paper, you can save the equivalent amount of CO2 that is emitted by a car for a distance of 5km.

More homemade and less ready-made meals

Palm oil is used in many ready-made meals – an ingredient that is not necessary for homemade cooking at all. Regional products from organic farming complete a great meal. You can try lots of combinations and new recipes.

Vegetarian dishes

Try vegetarian dishes and help the rainforest and the climate at the same time. You do not need to change everything at once but be open to new vegetarian recipes.

Use your bike or public transport to go to work or school

If you reduce your CO2 footprint that way, you have a positive effect on the rainforests, the climate and your own body!

Use your mobile phones for a longer period of time

Nobody thinks of the rainforest when buying a new mobile phone. But you should! If you actively want to support rainforest protection you should keep your mobile phone as long as possible and should not buy a new one every year. If you do have to buy a new one, there are different options: there are platforms that sell refurbished phones even with a warranty. Alternatively, there are manufacturers that use sustainable and fair-trade materials. These types of phones can usually be disassembled, and individual parts can be replaced. And wouldn’t it be great if you could replace just the battery if it died earlier than expected?

Check the country of origin of wooden furniture

Local furniture with an FSC label is a better alternative than exotic woods that travelled a long distance and might have been cut down illegally. Caution: Experts estimate that almost half of the trade with tropical woods is illegal.

Check your chocolate manufacturer

Chocolate can be found in every household, but not every manufacturer puts an emphasis on transparency and quality. Consumers can use labels to identify the manufacturers that do use fair trade as well as sustainable products that do not destroy the rainforests.

Sustainable holidays

Everybody needs a vacation, but you can protect the rainforest during your holidays as well. You have a choice when choosing your destination and your accommodation. Would a train ride be a good alternative? Is it more beautiful the further you go? Or are there holiday destinations close by that are just as exciting?

Reduce the use of plastics

That helps the oceans as well as the rainforests. There are still some oil deposits beneath untouched rainforests. If we reduce plastic use, we also reduce oil usage.

Vote for the right decision makers

Many of us are lucky enough to live in democratic countries, in which you can stand up for your rights, sign petitions and share your opinion with others. Every voice helps. Most important of all: you can vote freely and you can support politicians that take rainforest and climate protection seriously.

If you want to find out more about the tropical rainforest foundation OroVerde, check out their homepage that contains lots of information on their activities.


Big thanks to Aldo Villanueva who kindly provided the pictures of the amazing caterpillar.